Video Content

is quickly becoming the leading way to reach markets throughout social media. From podcasting, Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, LiveStream, and live streaming apps like Periscope, Meerkat, Blab, and Mevee, it allows people to reach each other.  Only leading innovating companies have moved into this territory. Realizing your business needs to move into this market is the first step.

Defining Your Market

and knowing what kind of content your customers and fellow partners would find interesting is key. From celebrity interviews who use your product, to talking to the smartest scientists and doctors, how-to videos (cooking, building) and even training videos, are all types of simple content you can create to appeal to your markets.  The question is do you want to hire a staff to produce this content? We don’t think so.

Enlightened AudioVisual

has the ability to create a turnkey package that includes absolutely everything you need to produce simple compelling content from within your office environment. We call this the Brand Room. A room with that we will design for your needs to create content in realtime and live. The technology allows for broadcast style graphics and sharp clear video in a simple to use one person interface.

The Brand Room

will soon be an essential marketing location for content creation, to solidify your companies position in your markets. Whether you use it for interviews, cooking demonstrations with the latest of your companies ingredients, training internally for your employees, it will not be easier than our interface and the time is now to grab your leading market position.  Give us a call to begin the conversation now.

Quickly Produce A Lot Of Video

A Brand Room is like your television truck without the truck. Combine live cameras, clips, photos, presentations, lower thirds, audio and more to create an HD recording or live video. A Brand Room is the solution for recording video podcasts, training, presentations, interviews and more. Stream live or upload right after your production, no post production required.

Brand Room Concept

With the rise of video online and on mobile, platforms such as podcasting and YouTube have dominated, and new platforms such as Facebook, Periscope, Meerkat, Blab and the new Mevee dominate live streaming.  This content is reaching millions and is becoming the standard to millennials.

Figuring out which platform to focus the marketing department to can be complicated. Which tool to use can confuse even the most up to the minute marketing team. Some companies form high budget  solutions to create content. Enlightened Audiovisual has come up with a solution which is customizable to individual businesses who varying needs.  We offer turn-key solutions that include everything you would need to create, record, broadcast your message to where ever your market is watching online.


Stream it live, or record or both.

Reaching out beyond the walls of your office and marketing team and reaching millions of viewers everywhere around the globe. The Brand Room creates a real time video and audio signal that can easily be turned into a live video stream to be distributed through a streaming service such as Livestream, YouTube or Facebook Live. You can also choose to record the content.

BrandRoom_InRoom design

Brand Room Setup

Imagine camera, lights, microphones, soundproofing, all setup to your business and needs. We will engineer your room, and help build your graphics, and setup your control room tablet to simplify your ability to broadcast within minutes of you developing your daily ideas and concepts.

The Brand Room is like your personal TV truck without the truck. Combine live camera video, clips, photos, lower thirds, audio and more to create a stunning recording or live video. Our studio presence Brand Room Suite is perfect for recording presentations, lectures, video podcasts, concerts, sermons and more. Stream live to the internet or upload right after the event, no post production required.


Show off your connection to your market. Celebrity or influencer interviews can help enhance your brand to your market. With our multi camera setup you can do live switching with the flick of a finger in real time with lower third graphics identifying your guest. Twitter feeds show interaction with your audience. We can prepare a Brand Room for you.  Content can be live, recorded or both.

Sometimes your company is too big for everyone to travel to a training session. With our Brand Room solution you can train your employees or demonstrate product to your market, create webinars, all from within your business location.  Save money in production costs, and travel expenses, by producing the content live and having your market log in to you. All you focus on is what you are teaching.

How is your companies social media presence? We all know that video is the next generation in communicating with your target markets. Brand Rooms help marketing teams get content and company messages out to your market using any video platform, within minutes.

No Post Production

Some presentations or marketing ideas just require doing a short video. But most people avoid making videos because you normally have to spend a large amount of time editing the video after recording it. The Brand Room cuts down on that time significantly, often removing the need for editing entirely.  Everything you need is controlled by a simple interface on a tablet, all in real time.



Celetron ControllerFirst is the controller. This device will permit you to switch cameras, activate lower thirds and permit multiple views on one screen. Having this much control on a simple device will allow for the same person conducting the show, to control the show. Pre-programed settings, help you setup for your show minutes before going “live”.

Customer graphics can be made for each “production” your company wishes to do. Change the fonts, colors, background, animation and more to create your unique lower third.

It’s Your Show

Call it webcasting, video podcasting or whatever, it all boils down to this: It’s your show, your voice, your brand. Easily run your own video content from your Brand Room and reach the global market audience with professional looking video on a small budget. Using high-end graphics and lower thirds produces fantastic visuals for your production.

Just Like Cable Television

Brand Rooms is like having your own professional TV studio, with all the eye candy the big boys include. It has all the creative possibilities with the lower thirds to onscreen twitter feeds. At the same time, it lacks all the complexities of traditional professional broadcast equipment, so it is easy to learn and to master.

Virtual Studio

Green ScreenOne of the things that used to cost an arm and a leg and comes included with Brand Room is the chroma keying. With it, you can remove a green colored background and replace it with a picture of a studio or office. In Broadcasting, this is called a “virtual studio” and saves money building a set. The Brand Room comes with options from having a wall of a specific green or blue screen, to large screen television screens that can present any content you wish. We provide with a few options on presenting content on your productions and your backgrounds.

We offer the lights to light you like the pros and to highlight your green screen.

Sound Great

We offer in a Brand Room setup, sound proofing and great audio. From microphones to digital mixers, we make sure that that you are set up with the correct equipment to provide the best and cleanest content. We can even assist you off site in case you do get stuck.  This allows you to focus on the content and even be able to offer an audio version of your content. If they can hear your message, then you have accomplished your mission.

Go Live

content everywhereYou can even take it a step further and go live on the internet or just internally in the office, streaming the training or interview live to your employees or markets around the world. There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to live stream sessions of your conferences. People who were unable to make the trip can still participate and travel expenses and the carbon footprint can be dramatically reduced for everybody. All with an affordable setup.