Digital AV Systems

Enlightened Audiovisual provides innovative AV room solutions. That includes professional AV installation services to integrate sophisticated AV systems in offices.

Brand Room Design

Every company has a a desire to reach their audience. We provide simple and sophisticated solutions to create content with minimal friction and outstanding results.

Technical Designs

We come in to assess your conference room systems to determine the right kind of AV infrastructure to suit your needs, then design and draw up a plan to present to you.

AV Room Design

We do audiovisual work that incorporates all the necessary system requirements for each room in your office. Offering installation and programs to unify all the components.

Top-Caliber Corporate



From the conference room to your market, we offer solutions that maximize your companies reach by offering multimedia solutions to reach your B-2-B and your B-2-C markets. We offer solutions that reach from the board room to the mobile device.

Unified State Of The Art Communications

Decisions are key to your business, the faster you communicate, the quicker you get back to business. Using integrated communications applications in a simple solution that leverages the latest streaming technologies.

Video Conferencing

Enlightened AudioVisual offers video conference and content creation solutions for real-time collaboration, make faster, better decisions through technology that unites teams from around world.

Amazing Ongoing Support

What is a solution if not properly maintained. Enlightened AudioVisual offers full support for all their AV solutions. With the new Brand Room we offer virtual support and we can assist in any broadcast you plan to do.

Simply Create Content For Your Market

Our Philosophy

We believe that communication is a key part of your business. From that perspective having the tools to properly and effectively communicate is essential, but they should be simple and non-intrusive. We can offer you peace of mind, with our designs.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer the best and most productive solutions combined with our expertise in custom end-to-end solution design, network infrastructure, endpoints & AV Integration creates a powerful communication solution custom tailored to your organization’s needs.

Our Business

To make system creation quicker, we can build the programmable systems at our facilities and then ship them out to your site. Our technicians can also go to your offices to create your AV system. We make sure that everything is customized to your specific needs nationwide.


The future of business is video, and the industry is moving to interact with their partners and customers. Enlightened AudioVisual understands the need to have a Branding Room that permits you to create online video content that can be used for Social Media video and business content from training to conversations with your customers.

Easy to Use

We offer solid yet simple technology to have your business be as productive as possible. Business requirements for virtual collaboration often go beyond the ability to simply conduct a video conference. AV Integration ties together different technologies to create a seamless multimedia experience.

AV Design Consulting

Enlightened Audiovisual provides complete integrated design and engineering services. Our group can help you discover innovative technical solutions for designing and building complex AV systems. We work together with our partners and clients to provide a level of service unsurpassed in our industry.

AV Partners

Our philosophy is to select the most appropriate technology, regardless of the brand, offering the most value for the client’s investment. Over the years we have created long-term partners with the best manufacturers on the market. This ensures our customers always receive the best solutions and expertise from Enlightened Audiovisual.

Amazing Support

Experienced technicians are ready to address your concerns. If further support is required, an Enlightened AV technical specialist is available for dispatch.

Brand Room

Our latest product is focused on simplifying the content creation a company can create for training or even live and/or video on demand content for consumers, to learn more about your business. Use virtually any streaming platform with our easy to use Brand Room technology.

Topflight Tech Partners

We partner with leading companies like Black Box Network™ and Presidio Networked Solutions™ to allow us to create programmed AV systems for:
• Boardrooms
• Classrooms
• Training Rooms
• Lecture Halls
• Command Centers
• Courtrooms
• Public Display Areas

About Enlightened Audiovisual

Enlightened Audiovisual is a comprehensive A/V design, installation and integration firm serving the commercial and federal markets. While our origin was in high-end residential audio/ video, we have evolved into a partner-based company that provides embedded expertise in the field of video conferencing, collaboration and multimedia systems. We specialize in enterprise-level deployments throughout North America that are centrally-managed and maintained, with expertise in Cisco TelePresence, Polycom, Crestron and Microsoft Lync.


Verizon, Black Box Network Services, Presidio Network Solutions